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JUNE 19, 2021

The Club Malibu 27 is excited to Launch on June 15th! Your club membership will provide you with excusive access to our first launch showcasing known music artists. Get your membership and join us on June 19, 2021! Doors open at 11am. Space is limited.

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The Club Malibu 27 Member benefit programs features exclusive savings for special events, VIP access to our members only events, use of facility and and opportunity to help you collab with other artists. From clubhouse and beach access to meet and greet, and a fantastic venue, there is so much to enjoy at Club Malibu 27.  The Club is open to Members and Club invited guests. Members should be involved in a creative industry, and share the Club's entrepreneurial spirit. Work with brands, collab with creators, join the network and stay connected. Choose your level of involvement and be a part of the experience!  

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